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Carol Wu
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist


From an early age, Carol has always loved the natural world. Whether it is hiking in the Colorado mountains, swimming in the ocean or walking her dog in Freeport, she weaves this love and connection with nature into her relationships and throughout life. Through tending her gardens and learning about nutrition, she is continually reminded of the inherent wholeness we find in ourselves and nature. 

Carol finds great joy and curiosity in connecting with others and discovering how best to support them along their own journeys towards Health. Carol’s journey began in 1989 after a downhill ski accident and an ACL reconstruction. Through first hand experience with fascia and structural work, Carol felt inspired to pursue Rolfing as a way to help others. 


When she was introduced to cranial work as part of her healing journey, she fell in love with this gentle and effective treatment approach. Carol’s work has been informed and inspired by extraordinary Osteopathic physicians, yoga teachers, nutritional therapists, and Rolfers.


After many years of practicing as a Certified Advanced Rolfer, she has decided to deepen her passion for supporting others in their healing by focusing primarily on biodynamic craniosacral treatments. 


Carol now feels invited to trust all that she has learned and integrated over the years as she responds to the love and wisdom that is always present.

To book an appointment with Carol, please text at 207-712-8147 or  e-mail her at

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