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Sue Digeser

Integrative Manual Tharapist

Physical Therapist


Sue is the owner of Spar Cove Health Center and the founder of Freeport Wellness - An Alternative Approach.

For more than 30 years, Sue has worked with clients using a combination of Integrative Manual Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Combine Fulcrum Approach, and other gentle techniques to achieve health and wellness. Sue believes that if the body is in good alignment, self-healing will occur, and through her work she is able to help the body get to the underlying cause of pain, disability and dis-ease.

In addition to treating clients, Sue has taught manual therapy techniques around the world with Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation and the Upledger Institute.

She received her degree in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Sue is committed to her continuing education, and she is always learning new and more efficient ways to diagnose, treat, and improve wellness in the body.


To make an appointment, please call or text Sue at 207-318-5113. Or e-mail at

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